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Notification that the King has approved the will of William Marshal



Notification that the King has approved the will of William Marshal


William Marshal earl of Pembroke (c.1146-1219) (People)

Date of issue

3 December 1200

Place of issue

Hamstead Marshall (Places)


BL ms. Additional 4783 fo.31



Sealed sur double queue, slit for a single tag, tag and seal impression missing



(from A, described as an original belonging to Sir James Ware) Monasticon, vi, 1136; (from A, but here described as 'an early copy') J.H. Bernard, 'The Foundation of Tintern Abbey, co. Wexford', Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, xxxiii, Section C (1917), 527-9 at p.527



A date in 1200 accords with the account of the foundation of Tintern Parva supplied by Gwynn and Hadcock, 142-3; D, Crouch, William Marshal: Knighthood, War and Chivalry, 1147-1219, 2nd edn. (Harlow, 2002), 88n., 210-11, and cf. 218-19 for Geoffrey fitz Robert as the Marshal’s seneschal for Leinster.

Photo of charter

Iohannes Dei gratia rex Anglie dominus Hibernie dux Normannie Aquitannie et comes Andegauie omnibus fidelibus suis salutem. Noueritis nos gratum et ratum habere testamentum dilecti et fidelis nostri Willelmi Marescalli comitis Pembrochie sicut illud condidit per manus executorum ipsius testamenti faciendum, volentes et firmiter precipientes quod inuiolabiliter obseruetur, et precipue de voto suo perficiendo scilicet de quadam abbatia de ordine Cisterciensi in Hibernia construenda de triginta carrucatis terre in loco competenti sicut I(sabella) comitissa uxor sua et Gaufridus filius Roberti seneschallus eius prouidebunt quibus iniunxit hoc facerent. Testibus dominis Exon’ et Wigorn’ episcopis, G(alfrido) filio Petri comite Essexie et W(illelmo) comite Saresbirie apud Hamstede iii. die Decembris.


Notification that the King has approved the will of his dear and faithful William Marshal earl of Pembroke, in the same version as that entrusted to the executors of the will, and wishes and firmly orders that it be observed invioably, especially in respect to his intention to found a Cistercian abbey in Ireland on thirty carucates of land on a site to be nominated by Isabella countess of Pembroke his wife and Geoffrey fitz Robert his seneshal, whom he has charged with the task. Witness [Henry Marshal] bishop of Exeter, [Mauger] bishop of Worcester, Geoffrey fitz Peter earl of Essex and William earl of Salisbury, at Hamstead [Marshall], 3 December [?1200].

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