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Magna Carta for Schools - Key stage 3

This educational resource book and the accompanying worksheets have been devised with reference to the aims and attainment targets of ‘Programmes of study for History’ at Key Stage 3, which form part of the National Curriculum in England. ​​The lesson plans and class activities are designed to assist with teaching on ‘the development of Church, state and society in Medieval Britain 1066-1509’.

Pupils will learn:

  • Who the Angevin kings were and what England was like under their rule
  • Why King John and his Barons quarrelled with one another
  • How historians have viewed John’s reign
  • Why Magna Carta was issued in 1215
  • Why Magna Carta was important in its own time
  • Why Magna Carta is still important today

Please find below the Key stage 3 educational resource book in PDF form. You can view them in your web browser, or right click and choose Save As... to download them.

Key Stage 3 Magna Carta Resource book

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The files below contain an earlier version of these resources that users of this site are also welcome to download and adapt for use in the classroom.

Key Stage 3 Educational Resource Pack


Key Stage 3 Unit 1 worksheet


Key Stage 3 Unit 2 worksheet


Key Stage 3 Unit 3 worksheet


Key Stage 3 Additional Unit Worksheet

Magna Carta for schools