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Notification of the King’s confirmation to Foucarmont Abbey of quittance from toll, passage and pontage



Notification of the King’s confirmation to Foucarmont Abbey of quittance from toll, passage and pontage


Foucarmont Abbey (Institutions)

Date of issue

31 May 1203

Place of issue

Pont-de-l'Arche (Places)


A = Rouen, Archives départementales de la Seine-Maritime, 8H7


B = TNA C 53/5 (Charter Roll 5 John) m.26, s.xiii in. C = Rouen, Bibliothèque Municipale ms. 1224 (Y13) (Foucarmont cartulary) fo.35v, s.xiii.


Sealed sur simple queue, tongue, seal impression torn away


TNA C 53/5 (Charter Roll 5 John) m.26


(from B) RC, 104b, and cf. The Letters and Charters of King Henry II (1154–1189), ed. N. C. Vincent and others (Oxford, forthcoming), no.1072. 



Endorsed: Ioh(ann)is regis de libertatibus et quitantiis (s.xiii); P. xiiii (s.xiii/xiv); regum xvii. (s.xv/xvi); various modern endorsements including 1er tiroir 7e liasse 5e piece (s.xviii/xix). Approx. 172 X 104mm. 

Note the peculiar ineptitude with which the scribe breaks the word pontagi/o across two lines

Photo of charter

Ioh(ann)es Dei gratia arex Angl(ie) dominus Hibernie dux Norm(annie) Aquit(anie) com(es) And(egauie) iustic(iis), vic(ecomitibus), ministris et omnibus baill(iu)is et fidelibus suis Franc(is) et Anglicis totius Angl(ie) et Norm(annie) et nominatim portuum maris salutema. Sciatis nos concessisse et presenti scripto bnostrob confirmasse quod omnes res monachorum de cFocardi Montec quas monachi vel conuersi sui poterint affidare suas esse proprias sint quiete per omnia dd(omi)niad nostra de theloneo eete passagio fetf pontagio et omni consuetudine, et nullus eos super hoc iniuste disturbet super x. libr(as) forisfacture sicut littere gpatentesg H(enrici) reg(is) patris nostri quas inde h(abe)nt r(ati)onabiliter testantur.  T(este) me ipso apud Pontem hArcheh, xxxi. die Maii ianno regni nostri quintoi.

aetc B bnot in B cFokardimonte B ddominica B enot in B fnot in B gnot in B hArch' B inot in B


Notification that the king has granted and in this his present writ confirmed that all the goods of the monks of Foucarmont Abbey that the monks or lay brothers can certify as their own shall be quit throughout the king’s demesne of toll, passage and pontage and all customs.

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