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Notification of the King’s confirmation to Adam of Hereford and his heirs of a grant made by William Marshal earl of Pembroke



Notification of the King’s confirmation to Adam of Hereford and his heirs of a grant made by William Marshal earl of Pembroke


Adam of Hereford (People)

Date of issue

1 March 1202

Place of issue

Bonneville-sur-Touques (Places)


A = Dublin, National Library of Ireland Ormond Deeds D.36. Courtesy of the National Library of Ireland.





Calendar of Ormond deeds, 1172-, ed. E. Curtis, 6 vols. (Dublin, 1932-1943), i, no.29



Sealed sur double queue, single slit, tag and seal impression missing.

Renewed at Porchester, 27 May 1206

Calendar of Ormond deeds, 1172-, ed. E. Curtis, 6 vols. (Dublin, 1932-1943)

For place name identifications I rely upon Peter Crooks. For Uí Faeláin, a large territory represented by the baronies of North and South Salt, Ikeathy and Oughterany, and Clane (Otymy) in county Kildare, see A.J. Otway-Ruthven, ‘The Medieval County of Kildare’, Irish Historical Studies, xi (1959), 181; Marie Therese Flanagan, ‘Henry II and the Kingdom of Uí Faeláin’ in Settlement and Society in Medieval Ireland: Studies Presented to F. X. Martin, ed. J. Bradley (Kilkenny, 1988), 229–39, and especially for place-names, Kenneth Nicholls, ‘Medieval Leinster Dynasties and Families: Three Topographical Notes’, Peritia, v (1986), 409–15. On territorial divisions within county Kildare, see J. Otway-Ruthven, ‘Knights’ Fees in Kildare, Leix and Offaly, Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, xci (1961), 163-81.

Photo of charter

Iohannes Dei gratia rex Angl(ie) dominus Hibern(ie) dux Norm(annie) et Aquit(anie) et com(es) And(egauie) archiepiscopis, episcopis, abbatibus, comitibus, baronibus, iustic(iis), vic(ecomitibus) et omnibus balliuis et fidelibus suis salutem.  Sciatis nos concessisse et presenti carta confirmasse Ade de Hereford' et heredibus suis rationabilem concessionem et confirmationem quam Guill(el)mus Mariscallus comes Pembroc' eis fecit assensu et voluntate uxoris sue Isabell(e) comitisse de dimidio cantredo terre in Offelan propinquiori Dublin', ita quod in parte sua habebit de dimidio cantredo predicto comodum qui vocatur Oluiran et villam de Wechtrad' et villam de Tachgumini et totam piscaturam que est ad Saltum Salmonis et omnia pertinentia de predicto comodo et de villis, et castellum quod Machenlodher primus fundauit quod sedet in comodu de Owaltan, et feodum unius militis circa in propinquiori infra comodum de Owaltan cum pertinentiis, et comodum quod vocatur Wehteriuni in villa que vocatur Cloneconeri que est in eodem comodo cum omnibus pertin(entiis), et dimidium comodum de Oquirc, ita quod in parte sua habebit Cunefi cum omnibus pertinentiis et duas Kirdarchs que sunt super aquam Awenlifi cum omnibus pertinentiis, et totam terram de Oquirc que est in illa parte aque in qua Tachgumeni sedet, et omnia pertinentia predictarum terrarum, ita quod istas terras in parte sua habebit de predicto cantredo, et sciendum est quod ipse et heredes sui infra istas terras prenominatas feodum viginti quinque militum habebunt si ibi fuerit, et quod ibi defuerit, predicto Ade et heredibus suis perficiet predictus comes Guill(el)mus  plenarie et integre in Collacta per liberum seruitium quinque militum tenendum et habendum sibi et heredibus suis de predicto comite Guill(el)mo et Isab(e)ll(a) uxore sua et heredibus eorum in feodo et hereditate.  Et preterea concessimus et hac carta nostra confirmauimus eidem Ade de Hereford' et heredibus suis r(ati)onabilem concessionem et confirmationem quam predictus com(es) Guill(el)mus eis fecit de dimidia villa de Achebo et toto dimidio cantredo terre in quo villa sedet cum omnibus pertinentiis suis, scil(icet) sic(ut) Okelli Deremod illam melius tenuit in Osseria per liberum seruitium quinque militum, tenend(um) de predicto comite Guill(el)mo et Isabell(a) uxore sua et de heredibus eorum libere, quiete et honorifice, in terris, in aquis, in bosco, in plano, in monasteriis, in molendinis, in piscariis, in stagnis, in viuariis, in foro, in domibus et castellis firmandis, in viis, in semitis, in cace(i)s, in forestis, in parcis et in omnibus libertatibus et liberis consuetudinibus sic(ut) carta comitis Ricardi patris predicti Isabell(e) quam sepedictus Adam de Hereford' de eo habuit testatur.  Quare volumus et firmiter precipimus quod sepedictus Adam de Hereford et heredes sui predicta tenementa cum omnibus pertinentiis suis ita libere et quiete teneant de ipso comite Guill(el)mo et uxore sua et heredibus eorum sic(ut) ille qui liberius et quietius de ipsis tantum feodum in Hibernia tenet, saluo t(ame)n eidem comiti Guill(el)mo et heredibus suis prenominato seruitio sic(ut) carta eiusdem comitis Guill(el)mi r(atio)nabiliter testatur.  Test(ibus) W(illelmo) Lond' et H(erberto) Sar'bir' episcopis, R(anulfo) com(ite) Cestr', R(oberto) com(ite) Leircestr', W(illelmo) com(ite) Sar'bir', Rad(ulfo) Tesson' senesc(allo) Norm(annie), W(illelmo) Briwerr', Garin(o) de Glapion', Petro de Stok', Ricard(o) de Reuiers.  Dat' per man(um) Simonis archid(iaconi) Wellen' apud  Boneuill' super Tok', i. die Martii regni nostri anno tercio.

Et dat' postmod(um) per man(um) Hug(onis) de Well' archid(iacon)i Well' apud Porececestr', xxvii. die Maii anno regni nostri octauo.


Notification that the king has granted and in this his present charter confirmed to Adam of Hereford and his heirs grant made by William Marshal earl of Pembroke with the assent and will of his wife, the countess Isabella, of that half cantred in Uí Faeláin (co. Kildare) nearest to Dublin together with Liamhain/Lyons  (co.Kildare) and the vills of Oughterard (co. Kildare) and Stacumny (co. Kildare) and the fishery of Leixlip (co. Kildare) and the castle that the son of Lothar founded in 'Owaltan' (?Castlewarden (co.Kildare)), and the attached knight's fee, and the comote of 'Wehteriuni' in the vill named Cloncurry (co. Kildare), and the half comote of 'Oquirc', so that they have Confey (co. Kildare) and the two 'Kirdarchs' on the river Liffey and the whole land of Oquirc on the part of the water where Stacumny stands, Adam and his heirs possessing a fee of twenty-five knights within these lands, with any shortage here being made up to adam and his heirs by earl William in Collacht (co. Dublin) for the free service of five knights to hold from William, Isabella and their heirs. The King further grants earl William's gift of the half vill of Aghabo (co. Laois) as O'Kelly Deremod held in Ossery.

Given by the hands of Simon archdeacon of Wells at Bonneville-sur-Touques, 1 March in the third year of King John's reign (1202).

And given afterwards by the hand of Hugh of Wells archedeacon of Wells at Porchester, 27 May in the eighth year of King John's reign (1206)

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