The Magna Carta Project

Magna Carta for Schools - Key stage 2

The learning pack has been devised with reference to the aims of ‘History programmes of study’ for Key Stage 2, which form part of the National Curriculum in England. This resource could also be differentiated for pupils in Key Stage 1 who are looking at events beyond living memory. It is framed as an enquiry into the causation of Magna Carta – what Magna Carta is and why it was drawn up in the reign of King John. The pack begins by looking at how England was governed in the twelfth and early thirteenth centuries, and what English society was like at this time. It then moves on to focus on King John and the problems that emerged in his reign, before considering the making and meaning of Magna Carta. Within the pack, pupils are asked to think about how evidence can be interrogated to learn about the past by devising questions about sources and constructing answers drawing on relevant information. They are also encouraged to make connections between specific episodes in King John’s reign and the creation of Magna Carta, as well as formulating their own analyses of the significance of particular events.

Please find below the Key stage 2 learning pack in PDF form. You can view it in your web browser, or right click and choose Save As... to download it.

Key Stage 2 Learning pack

Magna Carta for schools