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Notification of the King's grant to La Chaise-Dieu Priory of an annual rent of 20 livres angevin from the prévôté of Verneuil




Notification of the King's grant to La Chaise-Dieu Priory of an annual rent of 20 livres angevin from the prévôté of Verneuil


La Chaise-Dieu Priory (Institutions)

Date of issue

25 November 1201

Place of issue

Verneuil (Places)


B = Additional Charter 11352, copy under the seal of obligations of the vicomté of Verneuil, 2 March 1379/80. Endorsed: de xxx. lib. de Vernniel (s.xiv/xv); pro Chezidieu (s.xiv/xv); puchased Moore’s sale 28 .... 1856; various post medieval endorsements. Sealed sur simple queue, tongue, seal impression missing. Notarial signiture: nSpoincel. C = PRO C 64/3 (Norman Charter Roll 2 John) m.2, s.xiii in. D = Evreux AD Eure H1437 p.77, copy from a lost cartulary of Chaise-Dieu (Stein no.1786) no.187, s.xviii. E = St-Pierre-de-Semilly, Marquis de Mathan ms. Lenoir 69 p.654, copy after a copy by Bréquigny from C, s.xviii.


(from C) Rotuli Normanniae in Turri Londinensi asservati, ed. T.D. Hardy (London 1835), 17; (fragment only, from an unidentified source, probably from D) Mémoires et notes de M. Auguste le Prévost pour servir à l’histoire du département de l’Eure, ed. L. Delisle and L. Passy, 3 vols (Evreux 1862-9), i, 482; (from BCDE) Norman charters from English sources : antiquaries, archives and the rediscovery of the Anglo-Norman past, ed. N.C. Vincent (London, 2013), no. 57


For La Chaise-Dieu-du-Theil (so-called to distinguish it from the Benedictine abbey of La Chaise-Dieu, in the diocese of Clermont, dép. Haute-Loire), founded as a dependency of Fontevraud on the river Iton (Eure, cant. Rugles) by Richer de Laigle c.1132, see Cottineau, i, 669.  The surviving archives of the house are now housed in Evreux AD Eure (H1419-39), with fragments, from the fourteenth-century onwards, in the archives of the mother house at Fontevraud (Angers AD Maine-et-Loire 128H1-5).  Of those at Evreux, the most important comprise a s.xviii paper register of 43 folios including copies of earlier charters (H1437, cf. Stein no.1786), and another similar in 16 folios (H1438).  Note that the ‘Norman Roll’ copy (C) lacks much that is preserved in the copies B and D.  The anathema clause (phrased slightly differently in each of the three principal copies) is also worthy of note


 Iohannes Dei gratia rex Angl(ie) dominus Hybern(ie) dux Norm(annie) et Aquit(anie) et comes And(egauie) archiepiscopis, episcopis, abbatibus, comitibus, baron(ibus), iustic(iis), senescall(is), vic(ecomitibus) et omnibus balliuis et fidelibus suis salutem.  Sciatis nos dedisse, concessisse et presenti carta confirmasse Deo et ecclesie sancte Marie de Casa Dei et monialibus ibidem Deo seruientibus in puram et perpetuam elemosinam viginti libras Andegauen(ses) singulis annis percipiendas de prepositura Vernolii ad duos terminos, scilicet medietatem ad Pascha et aliam medietatem in festo sancti Michaelis.  Quare volumus et firmiter precipimus quod predicte monial(es) elemosinam illam singulis annis percipiant de nobis et successoribus nostris ad illos duos terminos in perpetuum, integre et libere sine omni contradictione et inpedimento, et si quis eis inde molestiam fecerit vel grauamen, Dei et nostram incurrat maledictionem auctoritate qua rex inimic(os) maledicere potest. Hiis testibus: Willelmo Ymeliren’ episcopo, R(oberto) comite Leircestr’, Gilleberto de Aquila, Roberto de Harecort, A(imerico) vicecom(ite) Hoarcen’, Hugone de Menill’, Henr(ico) de Gray, Garin(o) de Glapion, Bricio camerario.  Dat’ per manum Simonis archidiaconi Wellensis apud Vernol’ xxv. die Nouembr(is) anno regni nostri tercio.


Notification that the king has granted to La Chaise-Dieu Priory 20 livres angevin annually, to be taken from the prévôté of Verneuil at two terms, namely half at Easter and the other half at Michaelmas.

Charters not found in surviving rolls