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Notification of the King’s grant of of the office of butler to Master Michael Belet as held by Michael his father




Notification of the King’s grant of of the office of butler to Master Michael Belet as held by Michael his father


Master Michael Belet (People)

Date of issue

28 December 1205

Place of issue

Marlborough (Places)


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Ioh(annes) Dei gratia rex Angl(ie) dominus Hibern(ie) dux Normann(ie) et Aquitann(ie) comes Andeg(auie) archiepiscopis, episcopis, abbatibus, comit(ibus), baron(ibus), iustic(iis), vicec(omitibus), prepositis, ministris et omnibus ball(iu)is et fidelibus suis salutem.  Sciatis nos reddidisse et presenti carta nostra confirmasse magistro Michaeli Beleth fil(ius) Michaelis Beleth et heredibus suis officium suum de pincernaria nostra et omnia alia iura ad predictum officium pertinentia cum omnibus pertinentiis suis habend(um) et tenend(um) de nob(is) et heredibus nostris ita libere, quiete, integre et honorifice sicut ipse Michael pater predicti magistri Michaelis vel aliquis antecessorum suorum officium illud melius et liberius, integrius et quietius habuit et tenuit.  Concessimus etiam et presenti carta nostra confirmauimus eidem magistro Michaeli et heredibus suis omnes terras que fuerunt Heruei Belet aui eius de cuiscumque feodo fuerint.  Quare volumus et firmiter precipimus quod predictus magister Michael’ Beleth et heredes sui habeant et teneant predictum officium de nobis et heredibus nostris et omnes predictas terras cum omnibus pertinentiis suis cum soca et saca et tohl et theam et infangenthef et cum omnibus libertatibus et liberis consuetudinibus et quietanciis cum quibus predictus Herueus umquam melius vel liberius tenuit tempore reg(is) H(enrici) proaui nostri et sicut ad predictum ministerium et ad predictas terras pertinent, et preterea concedimus eidem magistro Michaeli quietanciam de syris et hundredis et de wapentac(iis) et de placitis et querelis et occasionibus excepto murdro unde cartas regis H(enrici) patris nostri et reg(is) R(icardi) fratris nostri quas predicto Michaeli patri suo fecerant inde vidimus coram nobis et coram baronibus nostris in plena curia nostra et audiuimus omnia predicta protestant<em>.  Test(ibus) domino I(ohanne) Norwic’ episcopo, domino H(erberto) Sar’ episcopo, G(alfrido) filio Petri com(ite) Essex’, W. Marescall(o) com(ite) Penbroc, Roberto de Turneham, Will(elmo) Briwerr’, Petro de Stok’, Galfrido de Lucy, Galfrido Luterel.  Dat’ per manum Hugon(is) de Well’ archid(iaconi) Well’ apud Merleberg’ xxviiiº. die Decembris anno regni nostri septimo.


Notification that the king has granted to master Michael Belet, son of Michael Belet, and his heirs the office of royal butler, to hold as his father Michael held it, and all lands that were held by Harvey Belet his grandfather, and confirmation of liberties and of quittance from shire, hundred and wapentake courts, as the king has seen and heard the charters of Henry II and King Richard, which they made for Michael his father therein, before the king and his barons in his full court.

Charters not found in surviving rolls