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Notification of the King’s grant of Appleby and Brough to Robert de Vieuxpont




Notification of the King’s grant of Appleby and Brough to Robert de Vieuxpont


Robert de Vieuxpont (d.1228) (People)

Date of issue

28 October 1203

Place of issue

Troarn (Places)


B = PRO C 66/ (Patent Roll 21 Richard II part 3) m.16, in an inspeximus in favour of John son of Thomas de Clifford, 12 May 1398 C = Oxford, Bodleian Library ms. Dodsworth 70 fo.25r, s.xvii. D = Carlisle, Cumberland Record Office ms. Wetheral Cartulary, final folio, s.xiv.


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Cf. RLP, 27, for the initial award, 31 March 1203, and J.C. Holt, The Northerners: A Study in the Reign of King John, 2nd edn. (Oxford, 1992), 221n., who fails to note Robert’s charter now at Wells, undertaking not to use the present charter without the King’s express permission.


Iohannes Dei gratia rex Anglie dominus Hibernie dux Normannie, Aquitannie et comes Andegauie archiepiscopis, episcopis, abbatibus, comitibus, baronibus, iusticiariis, vicecomitibus, prepositis, ministris et omnibus balliuis et fidelibus suis salutem.  Sciatis nos dedisse et presenti carta nostra confirmasse dilecto et fideli nostro Roberto de Veteri Ponte Appelby et Burc cum omnibus appendiciis suis et cum balliua et redditu comitatus Wesmeryland et cum seruiciis omnium inde tenentium de nobis qui non tenent per seruicium militare, habend(um) et tenend(um) de nobis et heredibus nostris sibi et heredibus suis qui de ipso et uxore sibi desponsata exierint per seruicium quatuor militum pro omni seruicio, saluis nobis et heredibus nostris placitis omnibus que ad coronam regiam pertinent et salua dignitate regali et eo saluo quod dictus Robertus vel sui vastum neque exilium facere poterunt in brulliis de Wynefeld vel in ipsis venari quamdiu vixerimus sine corpore ipsius Roberti.  Quare volumus et firmiter precipimus quod ipse Robertus et heredes sui post ipsum habeant et teneant omnia predicta de nobis et heredibus nostris ut dictum est in bosco et plano, in viis et semitis, in pratis et pascuis, in moris et marisciss, in stagnis et viuariis, in aquis et molendinis et in omnibus locis et libertatibus suis et liberis consuetudinibus sicut predictum est.  Testibus: Baldewino comite Albemarle, Willelmo de Breosa, R(oberto) de Torneham, Petro de Stoke, Alano Basset, Eudone de Bello Campo, Colino clerico.  Data per manum Hugonis de Well’ apud Troarc’ xxviii. die Octobris anno regni nostri quinto.


Notification that the king has granted to Robert de Vieuxpont Appleby and Brough to hold for the service of four knights, saving to the king crown pleas, the royal dignity, and that Robert and his men shall not be able to make waste in Whinfell Forest nor hunt therein during the king’s lifetime, without Robert’s person.

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