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II. A cartulary of the priory of Llanthony Gloucester: TNA C 115/ 78, fos.123-123v.

by Professor David Carpenter

This copy of the Charter is found in the Register of William Chiriton, prior of the Augustinian house of Llanthony Gloucester between 1376 and 1401.1  I am grateful to Jessica Nelson for locating it in TNA. This is the only copy of the Charter so far found that shares with the Huntington copy a final clause that has the Charter given at Windsor on 15 June rather than at Runnymede. Since the Gloucester copy only has the beginning and the end of the Charter – the start down to the conclusion of chapter 3 and the end from the security clause onwards – it is impossible to know whether the text from which it was copied followed Huntington in other respects, although I suspect it did. I have placed it here as part of the Huntington family on the basis of the shared appearance of Windsor and retention of the passage on the pope. However, it is not in a direct line of descent from Huntington since it differs in its list of John’s counsellors at the start and has a garbled version of chapter 2, on relief.

The heading is ‘Carta de Ronkemede’, despite the Charter being given at Windsor.  

The chief variants are as follows.

In the list of John’s counsellors, at some point in the process of transmission, there have been problems in reading the names and we have ‘Q filii Hereberti de Burgh senescalli Pictavie’ instead of ‘Petri filii Hereberti, Huberti de Burgo senescalli Pictavie’. See also above 3, no. I.

In chapter 2, the text puts the size of a baronial relief at 100 shillings, omitting, presumably through homoeoteleuton, the baronial relief of £100 and the statement about the relief for the fee of a knight.

The section on the pope, in chapter 61, reads

‘Et nichil impetrabimus per nos vel per alium a domino papa vel ab alio per quod  aliqua istarum concessionum vel libertatum revocetur vel minuatur.’

The Huntington passage was similar although not identical.

‘Et nos nihil impetrabimus per nos nec per alium a domino papa per quod aliqua istarum concessionum et libertatum revocetur vel minuatur’.

Like the Huntington copy, the Charter is given at Windsor on 15 June not Runnymede.


C. Breay, J. Harrison and D. M. Smith, Medieval cartularies of Great Britain and Ireland (London, 2010), no.537.

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